Electrical safety


Most dangers of electrical current arise from dealing with electrical equipment and devices by non-electricians. So specialist electricians must immediately avoid and eliminate the sources of danger using their educational and training qualifications. To protect producers and all those working in the field of electricity from potential risks and accidents, rules and guidelines for occupational health and safety must be followed and applied. Electrical current intensity of 13 mA can cause muscular contractions if flown through the human body. Thus, parts under voltage higher than 25 V AC, ore 60 V DC, must be earthed and prevented to be directly contacted with one another in order to avoid dangers arisen from electrical current …


According to the requirements of the Ministry of Water and Electricity, stated in Clause 2-2 of the Special Provision and Work Scope, the main goal of this project is to prepare and develop the requirements of an integrated electricity safety system. To achieve such goal, the project objectives will be as follows: Objective 1: fulfilling the electrical safety requirements; Objective 2: being familiar with the status quo of electrical extensions in the KSA; Objective 3: checking the conformity of electrical equipment and… More

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